Close your eyes…

Close your eyes, and listen. Enjoy this 10 minute’s journey to the ecology of listening.

The way we evolve our listening will be the way we evolve our environment. And the way the environment evolves, will be the way we evolve as human beings. This implies that we can positively influence the cycle and bring about systemic change in our environment by listening more attentively.” This is the Ecology of Listening. – SSI

Paul Omen, one of sonotomia project partners, is the founder of 4dSound solution. Since 2007, 4dsound has been creating Spatial Sound Technologies & Immersive Experiences.

During this Ted talk, Paul will take you through a listening meditation using a 4DSOUND system installed in the theatre, to better understand the nature of listening and its fundamental relationship with the evolution of our environments.

Enjoy it!

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