Project Description


David Albanés Bonillo a.k.a. naga is a music composer, multi-instrumentalist, and host of the radio show Memorias on Cashmere Radio. He is based in Málaga, Spain and has been active as a live music performer, DJ, sound artist, and researcher in the fields of audio communication and technology for over a decade. He is the co-founder of “The Volunteer Sessions”, an event series and collective of DJs, music producers, and graphic artists. He is currently working on new music compositions, as well as on his live hardware electronic music performance.

As a composer, he strives to use music and aural frequencies as a tool to express the emotions, tensions, obsessions, and tribulations that populate our collective subconscious.
As a DJ his only purpose is to take listeners on a cosmic sonic journey through time and space where good humor and heartfelt dancing are the main currencies.
As a sound artist, he is concerned with the processing of music and sound by the human brain and how these phenomena affect the construct that we call reality.
As a radio host, he is constantly exploring the relationship between musical perception and memory, opening up the memory chest through an eclectic articulation of different musical forms.

Lastest works

// Stiftung Stadtkultur” [November 2021] curator and live music performer as Kinaga (naga + Kim Kong) as part of a transdisciplinary festival aimed at reactivating the former Soviet Theater Karlhorst in Berlin.
// “Escuchadores de Albarracín” [September 2021] is a virtual soundwalk including field recordings and original music compositions that connects contemporary sound art and musical practices with the influence of the traditions and history of the Albarracín region. A spatial sound experience that brings the audience closer to the intangible heritage of Albarracín through sound.
// Music composition released on Berlin-based record label Undogmatisch [August 2021]:
// Radio shows available on with themes of: