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Sample Interview


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Sample Interview2021-06-28T08:54:59+02:00

Looking for the sound of Albarracín


Albarracín is surrounded by stony hills and located in a meander of the Guadalaviar River. Beyond doubt the small city of Albarracín is such a unique place that has preserved all its Islamic and medieval flavor; its old quarter was declared and protected by the UNESCO, designed as a Historic and Artistic Site in 1961. Walking along the city and stepping into its monuments is like traveling to the medieval ages. The stunning architectonical and urban legacy of this unique town, breaths charm and rest. Albarracin treasures that surprise anyone who arrives at the town. You will admire every inch, the [...]

Looking for the sound of Albarracín2021-03-29T13:37:37+02:00

The first residency of SONOTOMIA has been a great success!


Although the current circumstances have brought a lot of insecurities when it comes to organising residential events, SONOTOMIA team has managed to implement first of three residencies with the support of Portuguese Directorate-Geral of Health. From 14 to 2X September 2020, sound artists, technicians and SONOTOMIA project team have gathered in Odemira, Alentejo. . This project activity has been led by the six-days custom-made programme which ensured an alignment between participants’ expectations and capacities and projects’ activity and overall aim to contribute to themarine and coastal conservation through spatial sound. Jaime Man (fromLondon, UK), André Guerreiro Pinto (Lisbon, Portugal), André dos [...]

The first residency of SONOTOMIA has been a great success!2020-11-24T14:40:59+01:00
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